Expanding a community of storytellers

Making Music with Lynn is a space is open for artists to collaborate together in the storytelling process. Sometimes it's directly making music with me and sometimes I'm facilitating the story in a supportive role. This is a call for talent anywhere to engage in meaningful and transformative ways.

I'm interested in adding more visionary artists to my community of story tellers. I am just as interested in the process as the final product. The stories we tell together will vary and reflect our personal perspectives about our humanity and environment. My hope is that our partnership will inspire the best practices towards building peace.

Let's end the violence together through the thoughtful introspection that fosters true collaboration and understanding of all the ways that people are violated and diminished. Forced into spaces that continue the harm and keep the trauma from being healed. Like a chain linked fence I see us all connected in a similar form but placed differently with a unique perspective which adds strength to the overall structure and goal. We all have a deep desire to be seen and heard entirely with our beauty and history of trauma and shame. I believe that our artistic pursuits will help heal those tender spots as we exercise our form of resistance to the violent assault against our wellbeing.

Our stories vary in styles utilizing a variety of sources such as contemporary choral singing, folk, classical, pop singing. Along with dance, poetry, visual art, digital media. We are open to incorporating more.

I'm beginning to tell a series of stories with the help of many other talented artists. Some professional and some amateurs but all engaged in the same meaningful process that builds peace and allows the fullness of our individual beings to occupy space freely and joyfully. 

Please enjoy the stories and share widely. 

I am always looking to expand this community so if you would like to be involved in the administration function or artistic vision of this community please reach out by email: lynnmendozakhan@gmail.com